Cameron McColl's Holiday Recount

Having a break from school was great after a hard term of work. I spent my first morning staying in my warm comfy bed texting and watching T.V. I had poached eggs on toast for breakfast which is my favorite meal in the morning. I was looking forward to what exciting things I will do over the holidays. But first of all as always I have to have a sleepover at one of my friends houses.

Jack invited me to come around to his house for the night on Wednesday. I packed my sleeping bag and clothes and Mum took me to Jacks. We didn't know what to do at first but then we decided to make a little movie. We made a fake hand by getting a glove and stuffing it with toilet paper. We then poured Ribena into it to make it look like blood. We made our way to the park with the camera and thought of what we should do. After an hour of mucking around we went back to his house and had a great idea. We were going to hook his computer up to his huge wide screen LCD T.V. Playing Counter-Strike on a huge T.V would be wicked! But it would take some time and work before we could. Jack's computer was quite old so we didn't know if it could work with the T.V. We brought it up and figured out what we were going to do. We found out that his computer could work with the T.V but we needed an extra cord so we just took the cord from his Mum's computer. I started the computer up and a huge Windows XP logo appeared on the T.V. It worked! After an hour of Counter-Strike we walked down to the dairy and got some lunch. I got some Coke and a Big Ben Pie. Yum! Night was coming and we put on a movie called The Bucket List. I thought the movie was good. It was about two old men that made a list of things to do before they die. When the movie ended we went to Jack's room and we watched some funny and scary videos on Youtube. After a big day we both went straight to sleep, after about 3 hours of talking!

On Thursday I went to Blitz with Josh. Blitz is an internet cafe where you can play games like Counter-Strike. We found some other people that wanted to play with us and we won. After some hard gaming we had a walk and I found a new Chinese restaurant called The Noodle Chen. I got some BBQ Pork  in noodles and it was so nice! And for $9.00 I got heaps.

In the weekend I went over to Kenneth's house and  we watched  300. After that we walked down to the dairy and I got some Demon and an ice cream. On the way back to his house Kenneth dropped his MP4 player and a car nearly ran over it! Fortunately he managed to get it working.

Later on in week 2 me and Jack went to see the Love Guru. It was really funny and we both enjoyed it. After it we walked down to New World and got some chocolate.

The rest of the week I didn't really do much except go to Blitz and hang out with my friends but on Sunday I went to Snow Planet. I had never been skiing before so this was my first time. It was packed with people and took us at least and hour  and a half to get in the snow. At first I went on the magic carpet to get the hang of it and I thought it was quite easy. After an hour my Dad made me go to the top of Snow Planet and I admit I was a bit nervous. The first time I took off I bailed straight away but then I managed to get the hang of it.

Overall I had a great holiday and I had so much fun.