Cheyenne's Winter Holiday Recount

On the last Friday before the holidays excitedly commenced,
my best friend Lucy and I took a taste of sweetness and lots of
candyfloss as we danced the night away at the Sommerville/
Bucklands Beach Intermediate Platnium Dance Party. We had a
great time as I caught up with friends from my Primary school,
and Lucy met with friends from our current school.

Lucy stayed over the night at my house after Platnium, and we
had fun. The next morning, Lucy and her family invited me to
come watch her Saturday netball game. Lucys Mellons Bay
netball team played against Breakthru. Unfortunately,
Mellons Bay lost after a very close game! Better luck next time!

I saw my cousins and Aunt and Uncle on Saturday to celebrate
my Dads belated birthday, because my Aunt and Uncle were
sick on his actual birthday.

On the Monday that followed, my close friend Olivia and I heard
the fascinating lectures, felt the slime and saw the fossils at the
Incredible Science day at Auckland University. We learnt lots
of interesting information and I especially enjoyed the lecture
about the Brain.

The next day, Olivia and I met again for a shopping trip to
Botany Shopping Centre. We had a blast window shopping, as
well as the ocaissional splurge, or not so occaisional! I scored
some new clothes.

On the Friday, twin sisters Emma and Caitlin and I met up for a
day at Arty Farty, the local scrapbooking shop for a workshop in
crafting storyline albums. We we very pleased with our crafts.

On the Friday, twin sisters Emma and Caitlin and I met up for a
day at Arty Farty, the local scrapbooking shop for a workshop in
crafting storyline albums. We we very pleased with our crafts.

On Saturday, I sat down in my loft with my pottery wheel. I
hadnt used it in a while, and I proceeded to make a lot of
mistakes! In the end, my teacup finished out looking worthwhile
and good, although it needed a good coat of acrylic paint.

Sunday, Olivia, Georgia and I saw West Side Story at the
Harlequin Theatre. It was very professional, and I was suprised
to see that my assistant ballet teacher was the dance captian of
the Sharks, a gang from New York City. It was a very good

Monday followed , and Emma and Caitlin came again and we
did more pottery together. We created an amateur teaset, with
a set of 2 bowls, 1 saucer and my previously created teacup.
We planned to paint them brilliant black with dazzling purple
to finish. Although they did look good, Im sure they did not add
up to my description above.

The same day, my competitive dance duo partner, as well as
great friend, Georgia and I met for our first competition lesson
for jazz! We were buzzing with excitment and our teacher, Kim
informed us that our dance would be African Tribal mixed with
strong beats. I was very excited because being South African,
our family definitely had a large collection of CDs that could fit
the requirements.

Kim was looking for our CD to practice to, when she realised it
was in her car. Normally, this wouldnt be a problem, because
you can just unlock the car and carry on as normal. This wasnt
the case. Kim couldnt find her car keys either, and we searched
the hall and the surrounding gardens. They were not found.

Our lesson was cancelled, and Georgia stayed the night at my
house and we held an impromtu dance lesson in my bedroom.
We fantasized what the dance would be like, and searched
for costumes for our upcoming dance at the Auckland
Caledonian Dance Festival, going to be held at the Auckland
Grammar School in September.

The next day we had a make up lesson, free of charge with Kim.
We learnt that her keys were in her bag the whole time! Kims
husband, Dom wasnt so pleased as it was his car that had to
be broken into by AA car insurance.

On Thursday, Olivia and I had lunch together and then we went
to see the Russian Imperial Ice Stars perform Cinderella on
Ice! It was a very stunning show and I really enjoyed it. My
favourite part was when the 12 Oclock skaters came out with
flames and doing spins and leaps.

Friday came, and I went to Emma and Caitlins house. They
had spinning batons and we spent a while making up tricks and
routines with these. Then we went shopping at the Plaza and
gazed at the new kittens and birds at the pet shop!

On Saturday, we had an uneventful day, apart from my friend
Natalie and I scootering to the local dairy and buying
gobstoppers and lollies! We played on the playground and
scootered back home.

Overall, I conclude that I had a very cultural holiday, with dance,
music and acts. I had a lot of fun and I would love to have a
similar holiday experience again next holidays!