David Clarke's Winter Holiday Recount

On Sunday the 13th of July  Me,  my Mum, and my Dad traveled northwards from Auckland City, on our way to the northernmost point of New Zealand; Cape Reinga.
We left Auckland at about 3:00pm, and drove for hours, through fields of green pasture. (click here for photos)

It was nightfall before we reached our first destination; Kaitaia, where we bought some food and checked into a Motel for the night. (photos)

The next morning we were up early preparing ourselves for the long day ahead of us. After quickly packing up, and having breakfast, we were off on the rest of our journey to Cape Reinga. We drove north on state highway 1 for hours, stopping every now and then to admire the amazing New Zealand scenery. (photos)

More time passed and the road changed from tar seal to gravel. I was beginning to grow weary, then I noticed something off in the distance... Water! The ocean! this meant that we were very close to the cape, slowly the sea became more and more visible, eventually we could see the waves crashing against the shore. Soon we stopped and got out of the car at a car park where construction was being done, and from there, off in the distance, we could just make out the shape of the lighthouse. (photos)

Excitedly we all walked down a path towards the direction of the lighthouse, gradually as we walked we saw more and more of the lighthouse and the shore. We walked around a corner and across a thin stretch of path, and there we were. At the northernmost point of NZ, overlooking the the place where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean. And what a sight it was! The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky, and the sun was shining on the water making it sparkle. Looking vast expanse of the ocean, with nothing but blue on the horizon was breathtaking! IT WAS AWESOME!!! (photos)

Eventually we headed back to the car and began our journey home. We took a couple of small detours to visit both the Giant Sand Dunes, and Ninety Mile Beach. Then we headed down to the bay of islands where we booked a motel room in Kerikeri, and stayed the night there. The next day we took an historical trip around the bay of islands visiting; the Stone Store, Kemp House, Waitangi, Treaty House and Pompalier House. it was really cool and we learned lots about NZ history.(photos)

After the history tour (which took up most of the day), we headed down to Whangarei where we stayed in yet another motel.The next morning, we went to the house of some relatives of ours who live just out of Whangarei, and had breakfast with them. Then they showed us around their town (Marsdon Point) which is currently under some major development. It was really interesting and cool. After lunchtime we set off home to Auckland and by about 3:00 we were home. (photos)

Overall it was a really awesome holiday and I would definitely do it again! I had so much fun, and cool experiences.

Thank you for reading!


No, there was nothing else of much significance that I did during my holiday apart from this, that is why I wrote about this trip. ;)