Harry's Winter Holiday

Until Thursday all I did was stay at home playing Playstation knowing that this Thursday I was going to Hamilton for a boring week. The reason I knew it would be boring because all I would be able to do is stuff my face with food and watch endless hours of swimming.In the end it was worth it as I got to go on the slide.On Sunday morning we headed back to Auckland.

The Sunday morning I got back Tom came around to my house for a little bit. After I headed around to his house for a sleep over.We played Playstation to 11 O clock at night. In the morning we went bowling at botany we played a hunting game before we went bowling. I managed to win one of the bowling games. After we played one more arcade games then we went to the food court for a tasty lunch. then we headed to EB games and tom bought a new hunting game after that we went back to his house and played his game then it was time for me to go home.

On Thursday my friend E.J came over. We had lots of fun playing with my slot cars playing on computer and on Playstation.he stayed until 5pm then had to go to swimming. After that I just chilled out and watched a bit of T.V for the rest of the day.

That night The Warriors were playing the Bulldogs I stayed up all night to watch it and during that I cought a little of the South Africa Australia game. They were both great games with Australia winning and the Warriors winning.

With all that happened I had a lot of fun and wished the holidays went for the rest of the year.