I was so happy that I didn't here my mums voice in the morning saying Jared you have to get up for school now but she didn't so I stayed in my bed until 10 o clock.  Then I got up and went to the kitchen to make pancakes but my sister used the last of the pancake mix so I made some from scratch and then put maple syrup all over them. then I went to the living room and watched spider-man 3. Then I invited my friend Oliver over and we played about an hour of Gears of war and an hour of counterstrike. then we went out side and swung on the vines but one of them was weak so it broke and I fell ouch!                     

Then the next day I had pancakes again for breakfast played xbox 360
and watched T.V.  Then i got up and did some chores  like the dishes  and  my room  and cleaning the  kitchen.  

The next day I went to the movies with my friends and watched a horror called the happening
when it finished I went to buy some lollies and get subway.  Then we walked around a bit then we went home.

The next day I stayed at home again I had cerial for breakfast and watched T.V.  I did my chores I ate lunch was yummy I had pizza.

The next day I was planing to go ice skating with my friends but our plans changed so I ended up inviting my friend Connor over for the day we played Gears of war and halo 3 we rode our bikes and watched T.V. played more Gears of war and then some counter strike.

The next day me and my dad cut some trees and branches with the axe and the chain saw
we also went to bunnings warehouse and got some wood for our new letter box the day was coming to an end so we packed up and went inside

The next day we woke up and went to the bunnings warehouse because we forgot to get numbers for the mail box we took them home and put them on the mail box

Then the next day I played more xbox 360 and watched more T.V. ate breakfast and did my chores.

The next day I invited my friend Oliver over again we played gears of war again and countersrike again we had toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch and watche a movie

The next day was short and boring because I woke up at 12.00. then I came into the kitchen and ate wheetbix crunch then I went into the living room and watched T.V. I played forza motorsport and halo 3. I forgot to eat lunch and I did my chores.

The next day I rode my bike again and played more xbox 360 watched more T.V. and did my chores.

The next day my friend Connor and I went to paradise ice skating for the day I went realy fast and so did Connor we had some hot chips and had lots of fun I only fell over once. then we went to xtreme and played some games like air hokey ond more we had lunch then went bowling. 

Then the next day we chopped down more trees and branches ate lunch and watched T.V. did my chores and played xbox 360.

Then on sunday the last day of the holidays we finished putting up the mail box I did more chores ate lunch and played more games.

So thats wat I did on my school holidays. 



me buying wood for mail box