Kenneth's Holiday Recount

How did my holiday begin?

My holiday wasn't exciting really just the ordinary thing where you just stay home and relax.
It all began on the 5th of July when I woke up and greeted my family with a good morning. I brushed my teeth, had some cereal, got dressed and jumped on my computer.
I went with my brother and my mom down to Meadowlands to order some business cards for my dad since he had run out of them.
I was chatting with Andrew on MSN until he told me that he was going to Farm Cove Intermediate with Zeus, Percy, and Hormuzd. He invited me to go with him on Wednesday so I followed him. We went there and I felt happy when I got 3/5 Free Throws in. That day I felt sick and had a fever and my body was drained from energy. The sickness lasted for about 3 days until it finally healed. During the 3 days I was still playing some NBA 2k8 on PlayStation. It might not sound so exciting to you but it was fun for me.
On Saturday of week 1 Cameron came to my house, we watched 300, it took almost 2 hours. We went to the dairy to buy a drink and an ice block.
On the way home, I dropped my MP4 and it rolled onto the road and almost got ran over by a car. It wouldn't turn on afterwards but I fixed it and it worked again. Cameron went home and I went out again for dinner with my family.
The next day I went to my friend's house and we went to Lloyd Elsmore Park Badminton Club to play badminton. It was really fun. Afterwards I was dropped off back at my house.
I ended the week by falling asleep whilst txting on my phone and I left my light on.

I went to MoMo Japanese Restaurant to eat with my mum and my brother. I had a chicken lunchbox and it was extremely delicious. It had sushi, fried vegetables, chicken, rice and fresh vegetables. After that we went to Meadowlands to pick up my dad's business card that we ordered the previous week. The cards looked awesome. After getting the cards it was already about 2 PM so then we went to Pak'N Save to buy some groceries and food. I got home and felt bored so I jumped on my computer and played some games.
The next day, I did some chores and tidied up my room and my lounge and helped my mum wash the laundry.
I went out to eat some Subway with my brother and went to the library to issue some books out.
When we got home we watched Stomp The Yard on DVD and I enjoyed the movie.
Today was Thursday and I went to my friends house because he said he was extremely bored and had nothing to do for the whole holiday. We played a few board games together and played some computer games.
On Friday, I had to admit I was starting to get sad because the holidays were running out so I made the most of it and watched 2 movies: Street Kings and Superhero Movie. My brother took me to KFC and we ate lots of boneless chicken it wasn't as nice as chicken with bone.
It was Saturday... just two more days left until school starts again. Today, one of my family friends came over and we went out to eat together. After we got home my brother and his best friend went out to Pakuranga College to play some basketball until the rain started pouring down. I was at home on MSN when they came home and went back to Howick Recreation Centre to play. I just lay on my bed and was txting friends while they were out... I was just waiting for dinner.
On Sunday, the last day of the school holidays. Different family friends came over for dinner today and we played lots of PlayStation until we had our noodles for dinner.
We drank lot's of Coke until it was 8:30PM and they had to go. That's when my school holiday ended and I found myself back at school... The next day.