My holiday!!!!!!

The first day back at school all my friends asked me how my holiday was.
Here is my answer:

My holiday was MARVELOUS!!!!
I had heaps of fun and also just relaxed ad recovered from last term.

I went to the beach,
did horse riding,
did the last improvements on my sterling engine,
played games on the computer,
reorganized my room,
read tons of books,
irritated my sister,
went tempin bowling,
went to watch 'Prince Caspian, the chronicles of Narnia', at Botany. It was great!!
I went for long jogs along the beach.
I also went to Jungle World and played mini-golf.
Me, my mom and my sister went to watch 'Cinderalla on ice'. It was AWESOME!!!!!

... and tons more!!!!

I hope your holiday was as great as mine.