Well on the first Saturday of the holidays I competed in the North Island Cross Country Championship. It was in Taupo and the temperature was only 1 degree. So as you can probably tell it was freezing. Back to the race. We were on the start line and the gun went. I ended up coming 13th in the whole of the North Island. The next day I woke up with a massive chest cold from the race. But we still had a fun day. We went to the DeBretts hot pools. The pools were like massive spa's and the temperature was 40 degrees. Is that hot or what? There was a huge dragon slide that my friends and I went down so many times. But to get to the top you had to run up 4 blocks of stairs and even worse the slide was an outside slide. So it was cold. But we ran up the stairs even though we should not have. Th next day we went Mountain Biking. We were early birds that day as we woke up at 8.30am and left just before 10am. We had a fun day of biking up hills and balancing on different objects on a huge bike. The next day was even better. We went horse riding. I hadn't been horse riding for like 6 years so this was kinda new for me. We spent an hour on a horse back riding through a lovely, quiet forest. We also went past the craters of the moon. Craters of the moon are huge thermal holes, it was so cool to see as you usually had to pay to get into the craters of the moon but it was free to us. That same day we were gonna go on the Huka Jet but my friend didn't want to. We had the Taupo bungy as a maybe but I was too light. The night before me and my friends collected a whole heap or brochures and we were flicking through them and thats how we found the horse riding!

This week I did not do much. Really I hardly did anything. All I did everyday was my running training. This week I was training for the Auckland Championship for cross country. I training hard and the day finally came. Auckland Championship was on the last Sunday of the holidays. I am in the Girls 14 grade even though I am on 12 years old. So in my race I was competing in the 3000m race with the boys 12. At the beginning of the race we had a false start, so I went to the start line again thinking that he would redo the whole starting process but NO he just said go. everyone took of without me. I sprinted as fast as I could to catch up to everyone but I think I sprinted too fast because I lost all of my energy after 5-10 minutes into the race but by the time I lost my energy the race was almost over. At the last 100m I was going to sprint hard again like I did at the beginning but I got cramp all over my tummy so I could barely breathe. At the end two people just over took me which sucked! Even though I had a really, really, really bad race everyone will forget eventually. Well I hope they all do because I am one of the fastest girls in Auckland for my age and everyone expected me to do really well. But I will next time!