Roberts Holiday Recount

Week 1

In the first week of my holiday wasn't the best holiday I have had  had but it was a pretty fun week. I went the movies to see meet Dave it was a really funny movie but after the movie it was so boring because i had to wait an hour for my moms movie to end. My mom went to see Mamamia it's a cheesy musical type movie thats why i didn't go see it i prefer action,funny and slapstick. The rest of the week i just sat at home watching t.v and playing play station  but i  did have a few exciting things to watch like the rugby  and  cricket  South Africa were playing England.  In the rugby the first game was South Africa verse New Zealand badly enough South Africa lost. But it wasn't that bad because South Africa won the next game go South Africa!.

Week 2

It was the 2nd week and it was so close to the to end of the holiday the whole holiday i slept to at least 10:30 the last week of the holiday and there that was a lot of stuff happing there was the rugby South Africa verse Australia, there was the cricket South Africa verse England I was going to the movies. The cricket was a test so it was five days so that took up more than half a week  and it started at 9:30pm and ended at 6:00am thats why i slept so late.