Robin's Holiday Recount

The holidays were great. The day after school ended I went and saw the movie Hancock with my friend Jeff at Berkleys Cinemas. It was an action packed movie with lots of funny parts. My friend dropped half his popcorn accidentally while we were watching. We even got to watch it in the sumo screen and this was my first time. I went to my friends house the next to play. We spent hours playing on his Nintendo Wii. I had a lot of fun at his house.On Monday my friend came over because his mum had to go to the hospital. He stayed over from 11am to 8 pm. We played lots of Wii and battled with Pokemon on DS. We had pizza for lunch and it was great.We played a lot of table tennis as well. I had a great time. At night my friend who had gone to America the previous week got me some little presents. He got me a mini handcuff because he visited Alcatraz and a key chain from Hawaii.On Tuesday two of my other friends and I went to see Kung Fu Panda At Berkleys Cinemas. Once again I got to go watch it in the sumo screen. I couldn't believe it. This movie was much more funnier than the previous. Mostly everything was funny. It was worth it to see the movie.

The next few days I stayed at home playing with my DS, Nintendo Wii or my computer. On Sunday two of my friends came over to play. We played table tennis at home. We played Super Smash Brawl on Wii which was great with 3 players. I had lots of fun. On Monday I went to another friends house and played on his PS3 and a bit of soccer outside. I also played on the w For the next few days I went to other friends houses and played and it was all so much fun. I sometimes went to manga websites to read in my spare time. The last weekend I had had a soccer match but it was a horrible day. The grounds were soaked and there were puddles in the grass. Sadly my team lost the match 3-6 and I fell in a puddle and was soaked and muddy. It was a horrible day. I hated that the holidays were ending but I'm glad to be at school. On the last day sadly packed my bag for my first day at school for Term 3. I had a great school holidays even  though it finished quite quickly.