Steven's Holiday Recount!!!!

3rd of July I went to Korea and met my brother and parents. Soon I went to  Gang won do  Sok cho city  yang yang village and checked in to the Yang yang Dae Meong Condo/Hotel. It was new hotel and our room was the biggest room
which is showed from TV. It was really cool and comfortable. It had its own beach (Sol Beach) and they cleaned everyday. the beach was so beautiful and there was a lot of people who was playing. After that day, my family went to Sok Cho Museum. there was a lots of things about Korea in the actient time. There was the real treasures and some were fake treasures, I couldn't find the different between fake and the real ones. they were so beautiful. I learnt how they live, how they hunted animals and how they get the fish. They made the hole in the bones with stones and they made the hook. They made the line thing with stems from plants. And soon, we left the museum.

5th of July my family went to Han Hwa condo. It was a bit old, but we had the biggest room in that condo, because we got 5 people. It had swimming pool which is named ' waterpia ' I think? it was huge so i didn't go all of place in it when i was there for 6 hours. it had 2 wave pools, one was inside and one was in outside. It was really fun except wearing life jackets. they were like small and the colour was pink ;; It was really bad. And it had 8 waterslides. 2 of them was like roller coaster, and 6 of them was just for the kids i think. it was just long like 20m ? 15~ 30m and it was really slow. And it had spa thing ? and it had lots of them. lemon spa something like that. It had sauna but i couldn't go there because i'm too young to go in.Soon, I raced the swimming with my brother and i lost ;; my brother was too fast and he sometimes cheated, because he ran on the ground at the beginning of the race. But he should won anyway because he is good swimmer.  

6th July my family went to some island to buy some dried spuid to eat them in N.Z. it was puiet expencive.(but they are cheap here i think) it tasted good when we eat it and we readied to go back to our house.        2hours later, we arrived to our house. it was so comfortable for me and I played nintendo Ds , Playstation 2, PSP and computer.

Thank you for reading

Steven Choi