Thomas Holiday Boat Trip

In the first week of the holiday I went fishing with in dad in the gulf and I got the biggest fish but it was the hard fishing in my life I  got 7 plus big snappers and it was very cold sleeping that night in the boat.
The second  day in the boat I got about 9 little snapper but put them back. 

My birthday

On the 13th of July it was my birthday and I open my birthday present and there was a  pen in the jumped in to the air. And harry come over for my birthday for a sleep over.The next day my faimly and harry when to 10 pin bowling.

The second  week

I went  to  my  Gran three days to go other place to help her out on her farm I got the 3 big eels but
let them go back into the pond.Sunday I when out on the coastguard boat in the Port Waikato.