My Holiday

My holiday begun on the 5th of July. The day before that  after i got home from school i was just thinking how awsome it was going to be to have no school for two whole weeks.

In the first day of the holidays for most of the day I hung out at my friend's house with some friends and we watched NBA videos on Youtube and played a lot basketball and played NBA live on XBOX i enjoyed that day a lot because everything had to do with basketball and i love basketball if u don't know that already. The rest of the week i kind of did the same thing but we went to farm cove intermediate with Kenneth, Andrew, Percy and Hormuzd. Where we also played more basketball. Then Percy, Hormuzd and I went back to percy's house. In the second week i got a lot of sleep and hung out with my friends. we also went to look at some new bikes because our parents decided to buy us new bikes and we annoyed the salesman because we asked a lot of stupid questions. We would have continued till he pulled his hair out but my mum came and we had to stop.

Well my holiday was fun but would have liked to do a lot more things then i ended up doing however i did enjoy it a lot but however your holiday went it's still better then school.