Welcome to Boris recount of Term 2 break!

In the term 2 break, I stayed home most of the time. There was nothing to do except for homework.

I have maths tutoring on the first Friday and the last Thursday. I had to learn about algebra and all that. I also had to do Chinese and science homework.
When I have nothing to do, I usually play Wii, Playstation 3 or just PSP. If it is a sunny day, I play badminton, or cycle around my house.I downloaded a game called Battlefield:Bad company, but it is just a demo. I also downloaded some clips.
I went to my friend's house one or two times. My friend house was huge. He also had a Wii, and I played Super Mario galaxy and Ben 10. He also had a dog. I saw the dog sneeze.
On the second Tuesday to the last day of the term break, I got the cold. I had to eat four different tablets. The second Friday, my brother had to remove his adenoids and tonsils. So he is going to stay home and watch TV.

In the end of the term break I got everything prepared for school.

This holiday was boring!