Week 1

On Saturday the 6th of July I went to Palmerston North to watch the North Island under 16s and under 14s Badminton competition for 2008. My brother was in the under 16s, team 1 Auckland badminton team and my mum was a parent helper for his team. As it was a 12 hour drive, which was really long, we had to leave at 7am.

By the time we got to Taupo it was already 1 degree. I wondered how I was going to survive the snow in Palmerston North. Thinking about it already gave me the shivers. About 4 hours later we stopped because the road was blocked with snow and there was a car crash. We had to wait for an hour, so that they could clear the road.  Soon when it was about 9 pm, we got to our motel. Everyone was exhausted.

The next day, the competitions started. Watching the games was such an enjoyment. Days after days they finally finished the team events. My brother's team came 2nd overall in the under 16s competition, which meant they could go to Invercargill and compete against the South Island teams. After the prize giving, it was time to start the individual events.

The next few days, I decided to cheer for my friend who was playing in the under 14s events. She did really well in her doubles, and got to the finals for consolation plate. But unfortunately they lost and came 2nd. When the semi-finals and finals came up, only a few people had to play, so me and my friends stayed at the motel and started playing man hunt. We ran around the area like crazy animals. It was really fun. 

It was the second to last day at Palmerston North. We had valentines for dinner, but the food tasted disgusting. I decided to have a banana instead of all the other food there.When we got back to the motel my brother's team mates and I borrowed some movies to watch. We watched a musical movie called Moulin Rouge, which I enjoyed, and a scary movie called It. It really freaked me out. All of us screamed so loud my ears nearly popped. We only got to bed at about 1am . The next morning we left at 9am. I went on the van my friend was in and we started telling each other scary stories. Soon we got bored and so everyone went to sleep. Except this boy who kept on singing all the way to Taupo really loudly which made it hard for me to fall asleep.

By the time we got back home, I just lay dead on my bed. I really enjoyed watching the games and having snow ball fights,even though I was really tired, I had a lot of fun at Palmerston North with my friends.

By Cindy C

Week 2

On Wednesday the 16th of July, Teresa,Alan,Harry and I went rockclimbing. There were a lot of people there, and there were new walls built to climb. We were all really excited.

Teresa and I started with quite hard walls to climb, but we managed to finish most of them. About 3 hrs later me and Teresa only had a bit of time left to climb as we had other commitments after. We decided to climb a really hard wall that was curved. Teresa and I nearly manged to get pass the curved bits, but it was just too hard for us. We tried again and again climbing that wall as we were determined to finish it. It took us forever just to  even get to half-way. Then a man with a broken leg, somehow climbed to the top in less than a minute. We were really surprised.

After trying again and again, we wanted to finish the wall but we didn't have enough time as we had other commitments to go to. Harry and Alan kept on climbing as they were staying there till 3. Teresa and I had to go. My mum picked me up just on time and she took me straight to the Lloyd Elsmore Badminton Club as I had training with my friend because we had a competition coming up. 2 hrs later my training was finaly over. My mum picked me up and took me home. I couldn't even walk by the time I got home. I was so exhausted.

The next day, Lea and I went for a run together. We ran the school cross country track which was really fun. Lea's mum took me home after. Then about 1 hour later I went to baminton training again with my friend. Then I went home, had a rest and took a shower. I was really bored so I decided to iron my school clothes so my mum didn't have to do it. While I was ironing my school p.e. shorts I was also watching television. Then moments later I realised I burnt a hole in my shorts. I was too scared to iron my other clothes after because I was afraid that I might burn a hole in them as well.

The rest of the week, I just had badminton training with my friend. Then on the last day, I checked that I had everything in my bag that I would need for school.I was actually quite excited that school was going to start because I wanted to see all my friends that I didn't get a chance to catch up with in the holidays. Overall I had a fabulous holiday.

By Cindy C

Extreme Edge Rock Climbing arena.