Joel's Recount For Term 2 Holiday

My Fun Holiday

 Well, what can I say about my holiday? Not much!! I spent my days playing computer and watching T.V. Not very exciting but I liked it. From  Saturday to Tuesday I played on y computer mostly playing NBA live 07 and watching movies, I also watched T.V. now and again. On Wednesday I went to the library and got lots of cowboy books with Native American Apaches and Comanches, so I started reading those books. Then after the library my mom took me to Crossfield where I played basketball for a about an hour, so I really enjoyed that. On Thursday I went bowling with a bunch of nine year olds which wasn't to bad since I won in my group then I went back to one of the kids house and played basketball with them, then I went home and played computer. Then on Friday I spent the whole day playing computer, then on the weekend I played NBA live 07 and watched Allen Iverson play basketball on YouTube. On Monday I went ice skating with a bunch of friends which was pretty fun then from Tuesday to Thursday I watched movies, I also watched movies on my computer and watched videos and played NBA live 07  .On Friday I spent the whole day in the hospital just for a check up and a blood test. Then on Saturday I slept in really late then when I got up my dad made bacon and eggs for breakfast then I watched T.V. for a while and played computer and watched basketball videos. Then at about 6 o'clock a bunch of my friends and my sisters friends came round for a singstar party and then my friend Tobby showed me his guitar skills so that was cool and he is really good, but then everybody went home. And Sunday was an uneventful day for me I just played on my computer till I went to bed. Now I'm sitting at school with only 9 weeks and 3 days till my next holiday, so I guess I'll be back to write more then!!